Things That Damage Hair

Human hair is the dead skin cells that grow. So this can be damaged easily. Hair is very fragile and sensitive many things you do daily can be the reason you have a dry and damaged hair.

Too many chemicals

If you use bleach, colours and many other chemicals to alter the hair conditions, it may damage the hair severely in the long term. If you are a fan of different hair colours, you may colour your hair very often and sometimes to maintain the colour you have to do the roots at least every two months and may be re touch the hair colour. In this case your hair is exposed to too many chemicals and it need to be treated for dryness. You can use emu oil shampoo or any other highly conditioning shampoo to reduce the damage to the hair. Or if you permanently cur or straighten your hair these chemicals are far stronger than the ones used for colouring the hair. So it is important that you do regular oil treatments and keratin treatments to make sure the damage is minimized and the hair is treated well.

Use of hair dryers and flat irons

Hair dryers and flat ions are used to dry the hair and alter the hair shape faster. If you use these things regularly your hair can get quite damaged. Applying high heat to the hair makes it to dry out really fast and after sometime you will have a very brittle and damaged hair. To avoid this you can use proper shampoo like emu oil shampoo or use herbal shampoos. And pure emu oil in Australia products are of the highest quality.

Tight hair styles

Wearing tight hair styles with a lot of hair spray and hair clips can damage your hair. It can cause breakage and dry hair. It is wise to use soft hair bands and clipped with rubber ends to it so that it won’t break your hair.

Use of towels

If you use a towel to dry your hair after a shower makes sure you gently pat dry it. Avoid rubbing and vigorously drying your hair. Hair is weakest when it is wet and wiping and rubbing it too hard can cause hair breakage. Use a cotton towel to make it easier to absorb the water easily.

Sleeping on wet hair

If you have the habit of sleeping on your wet hair it might be the reason for the dry and damaged hair you have. Hair is weak when its wet and sleeping on it makes it to strain and break. Not to mention the damage it does to your scalp as well. You need to make sure you always go to bed with dry hair.

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