What Not To Do A Week Before Your Wedding

The week before one’s wedding is one of the most hectic times of their lives. Many would assume that they would be spending this day getting pampered and laughing and talking with their friends and family, but the truth couldn’t be more different. In contrary brides of today seem to be doing a million things during this week before their wedding. All the work that they should have done over the past couple of weeks seems to be piled up for this one week. This doesn’t do wonders to the fatigue or the complexion due to all the stress that is involved in last minute preparations. In addition to the usual last minute preparations such as dress fittings, selecting caterers and fussing over decorations, here are some activities that you should never leave for that last week before your big day.

Spa or beauty treatments
Many brides dream of getting pampered during that week before their wedding and what better way to do this than check into a spa? Where you will get facials, maybe some SSC hair removal, a hot oil massage, manicure and a makeover to top it all off. Well, while the manicure is okay to do the week before the wedding, all others should be avoided at all costs.

Things that may sound safe such as SSC hair removal also should be avoided that week before the wedding. New skin care products and any unknown, untired beauty products should always be avoided. This is because there can be adverse reactions to these products and there isn’t much time to do anything if things go drastically wrong.

If you can help it, you should definitely avoid all kinds of surgeries during that week before your wedding. Even supposedly minor ones. This is because any surgery is a trauma on your body and can show through on your face during the big day if you haven’t had enough rest. In addition to this, if any allergies or infections happen, you will not be in a position to do anything or will have to end up postponing your wedding. Therefore, if you know that you are due for any surgery, do it well in advance to your wedding. This way, even if the surgery leaves a scar, you will have time to heal it, also check this upper lip hair removal treatment.

Excess caffeine and alcohol
Excessive stress before the wedding can cause you to have a free hand with alcohol and caffeine. What many people don’t realize is that alcohol has many calories that can sneak up on you quite unawares. Both alcohol and caffeine will not do wonders to your complexion either. Therefore, watch your alcohol and caffeine intake in order to keep that glow in your skin for the big day.

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